Feedback for my Basic FPS Camera

Well, I’m not good with the CFrames, Camera, Angles… but, my game need it so, I made a “FPS camera” from a code I saw in the forum. When you press F you inspect the object of the hand. How it looks?


It looks totally awesome!
I guess altering the FOV will be the only feedback i can give if your aiming for realism otherwise i think i am out of words, Good job :wink:!

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Thank you! There are some bugs that I din’t show hehehe, but I will try to fix them. The FOV mixed with some blur looks amazing!

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Yeah, that looks pretty good, other than the fact you are so zoomed in - as said above have you throught about changing the FOV, and with the “inspect feature” your arm is raised to eye level. So it would look like this:

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The inspection scripts is found into a LocalScript without a “Custom Animation”. Basically, the other players won’t see you making the animation, they will just see you like normaly.

I will improve that, adding something like a custom animation to show that the players is doing the inspection. Also, the FOV was a very good idea, it looks pretty nice.

For a basic camera, this is fine, but there isn’t much to actually see so it’s not that easy to provide feedback. Not everything is being shown here, such as what happens when you move the camera up or down or how this works with other tools.

A good first step for sure, at least.

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