Feedback for my first build

Hey there,
I started building 2 days ago, decided to build warehouse today, Im here to get opinions and suggestions to improve myself in building. Im open for all kind of criticism about this building, here are some screenshots.


Maybe add a texture to the roof (like a pbr material or something, Polyhaven have some good materials) and the ground (if you havent already. When building, think of how you want your build to look like, do you want it low poly, “medium poly” or realistic? Dont combine low poly stuff with high poly (more triangles) stuff.

Another thing that maybe could look good would be maybe having a part that is slightly above the ground directly under the roof that is slighly tilted downwoards (the small roof in front of the parking lot). And change that material to something else like bricks for example

My english isnt the best so sorry if you didnt some parts of my reply, also nice build. If you could build something like this in two days then i think you could do some even more cool stuff in the future.

Good luck!