Feedback for my first cafe!

Please give feedback on how I can improve, what I should add in the cafe, etc! (I only started building 2 weeks ago, so if the cafe is bad, you’ll understand.)




Alright I already notice the lighting is overkill, I think the modeling is great and the building ok for a beginner, So great job on that, But the lighting even hurts my eyes in just a image, It could really be lowered for brightness, But overall, Nice job for a first! :smiley:


waw Good Job,but m,aybe you need more texture and the lights are too bright


Hello, I’m Joey. I’m actually a cafe owner myself.
Here is my feedback: Personally it’s way to bright, from what I see it’s really hard to see other things around the cafe. I’m not going to be too harsh on the chairs and the food. But it could take a bit more detail, tables are kind of basic I would recommend you to try to redo them but it’s really up to you. This is all my feedback, I’d say the main thing is the lighting.


Why is everything so white? You should do some contrasting. Overall, good job.


It looks cool and all and not to be harsh but the cafe is too empty and probably under decorated and the fact that the cafe color is white it looks like an empty white room but other than that it looks good for your first cafe even tho you could’ve done a lot to improve it


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, the cafe isn’t finished yet.

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Oh ok i thought it was finished but i hope you improve your cafe build


I like it! However the first thing I see is the lighting is too bright. And maybe you could add some color for the floors and walls, as well as materials?


Hi! Some feedback I might give is:

  • The cafe’s shape is very basic. You can take some good inspiration by searching online. Try adding balconies and separate “rooms.”
  • The lighting is too much. Try lowering the brightness and making it a more yellow-ish tone.
  • The cafe is very empty and stark (but I know that you’re still building it).
  • The window spacings are not even. Try using the grids to position the windows appropriately.
  • The door is very small compared to the cafe. I might say that the cafe seems extremely high. Not to be rude, but in my opinion, I think the extravagant height of the cafe makes it unrealistic.
  • I know that you’re still a beginner at modeling, but if you would like to challenge yourself, try making the chairs curvier and rounder and varying the colors. You also might want to make the legs of the chairs moderately slanted to give a stance to them.
  • Lastly, I feel the tables look a bit odd because the legs are just sticking out of them. I would either make them a solid color or add a railing/bar that connected the four legs.

Thanks, and nice build for 2 weeks of experience.


Please fix the lighting, its too bright! Also, use more materials and textures!


I like the overall look of it, it looks pretty modern. I’d make some of the chairs and tables a bit different though. The only problem I have is, the lighting is blinding to look at.


My eyes are dieing the lights are so bright please turn them down and add more decor :+1::+1:


Pros: Nice for a beginner cafe, good models.

Cons: Lighting, empty space.

Overall I say 8.5/10

Good job! :+1:


Very cool, I suggest adding more color and vibrance, it is very bland. Also maybe add more thing inside, most of it is empty space.

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Here’s some things you can improve on:

  • A sign would be good, like ‘XYZ’s Cafe’. Use 3D Text for this.
  • Color, not just white. Stick to a similar color palette and not opposites like blue and green… plus, lighting is too bright and there are no actual lights.
  • It feels very open and large, you should add something in the middle of the floor, more chairs (or carpet, ads, donations, statue, fireplace…)
  • The door is too small, especially in comparison to the large windows.
  • Add queue dividers
  • Everything seems blocky or chunky, like the glass in the last pic. Use small increments. I’d use blender or find a free model of a torus and use that. Also, you could benefit from a kitchen instead of showing off a total of 4 donuts and 1 cup + 1 glass in the whole cafe.
  • The chair seat is sticking out a little and is a little bit too thin, plus the legs holding the table look odd. A singular metal rod would do.

Overall, you could use work on it. More design, ads, color and life. You could be imaginative and add a VIP lounge or an overlooking balcony. Use reference images to accomplish what you want to achieve. G’luck.

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There’s way too much white. Maybe try to mix up the colors and try to experiment with different materials especially for the flooring.

Also, never use F3X for lighting. F3X is mainly for the building not for lighting. So, try to use studio tools when it comes to lighting.


the decoration is fine, but the color white make it looks so bright. my eyes are hurting when I am looking at the picture.

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Its awesome but it is way to bright.

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It’s too bright, also you should design an inside and an outside area.