Feedback for my game [DEVLOG]

The game that made it…


I am working on a shooter game. It’s a zombie shooter.

I know there are many already out there, but none seem to have the right design and mechanics for me. So it is my quest to make it the best game out there.

Current *HUGE* problems
  • Zombies kinda dumb and get stuck
  • Map not finished (go on, check it out :wink: )
  • No lobby or party system
  • Lacking effects (sounds, kill feedback, etc.)


It looks great! Good job making it!

I noticed a few things that might need some fixing:

  • The default mouse sensitivity is way too low. If someone wants a lower sensitivity, they can change it in the Roblox settings, so don’t make your game’s sensitivity lower than every other game does (players who got used to their sensitivity will find it difficult to play). However, lowering the sensitivity a little while aiming and then changing it back to normal when the player stops aiming is a good idea.

  • The zombies look a little too basic compared to the rest of the game. I see that you just used a drooling zombie from the toolbox, but I would recommend using a little more realistic model or animation for them.

  • The pistol shooting sound is a little too quiet, I expect pistols to be a lot louder. But of course, this is a choice of preference.

  • I could imagine some more feedback after shooting a zombie, such as a knockback or stun or maybe blood effects. Right now it looks like the zombies don’t care about being shot at all.

  • One of the doors’ purchase button doesn’t disappear after buying it (the door on the other side of the room with the loot box).

As I said, good job making it and keep working on it, I can really see it as a game that many players play when it gets finished!


Thanks for giving feedback :star2: on the game!

I did use different zombie models at first, maybe I should switch back to them. The door is the last one, so I haven’t made it go invisible yet.

The feedback, gun sounds aren’t as important at the moment. And the sensitivity… I’ll have to fix that :smile: .

Thanks again!

Hi, I like the fog and atmosphere you created. The gun works good. I like the doors to get to different areas.

Suggestions. Maybe each round refresh the background sounds. Like different background music per round.

I think it would be a big improvement if you added the floating health bar on your zombies. That way u can see damage on them and feel you r doing damage before they die. It’s a property on their humanoid.

A lot of the zombies seemed to spawn from one location. Maybe spawn them from several different locations randomly. That way u won’t get a train of them chasing a player as much.

It has a lot of good qualities. Keep up the good work.

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I appreciated the atmosphere and background music. However that was about all I liked.

  1. The roblox gun kit system is terrible for that sort of zombie shooter game. I would recommend creating a first-person weapon system. This way the players could feel like the zombies are actually attacking them rather than their character. Using an cheap over-the-shoulder gun system removes all of the intensity of a zombie defense game in my opinion.
  2. I would have liked to see some feedback when I shoot a zombie. A sound would probably work best, but even just a health bar would be nice. When I was shooting it felt really pointless because I had no feedback that I was doing anything
  3. If you were to do one thing to improve your game, please just turn can-collide off on the dead zombies. It’s extremely annoying to watch enemies get stuck over the bodies of their dead comrades.
  4. Overall more sound effects. For example when you open doors, when a round starts, ect.

If you could improve these things you’d be off to a good start.

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Hey, thanks for playing :star: !

I think that in the finalizing stage I will add some zombie kill effects, sounds, etc. Currently my main focus is to the game minimally playable.

The different spawn points are also part of the plan.

Thanks for the feedback :fireworks:!

Hey, thanks for trying out the game :star2: !

I’ll just address the points you brought out.

Well, it might decrease the intensity of the game, but at least it is more unique in the context of zombie shooters. I feel like most people are stuck recreating what others have done and what is working already. I get it. Greater chance of success, familiar mechanics, etc. I do it myself too. But it is not my intention to make a copy of other zombie shooters.

Completely agree. Will be adding that sometime in the future. I think I’ll also redesign the zombies (find a new character model :slight_smile: ).

:white_check_mark: Will do it soon…

And another completely agree.

Thanks for the constructive feedback :tada:



  1. Fixed a few minor bugs
  2. Changed the zombies up a bit + added better pathfinding
  3. Added health bars to zombies + hit markers
  4. Now there should be more zombie sounds as you play

Thanks for your feedback :sparkler:!



  1. Fixed a few minor bugs
  2. Zombies spawn from multiple places
  3. Fixed splash damage weapons
  4. :gun: WEAPON UPGRADES (still very buggy)

Thanks for your feedback :fire:!

Added this beautiful? vending machine corner to the game. I wonder what it’s for?