Feedback for my Game Icon


I am currently working on a game called AFK Simulator. The game will be finished by next month (most likely).
I decided to make a game icon now so I would’t have to worry about it later. I would like some feedback so I can improve (I started Photoshop 2 weeks ago).

(I’m also new to the Devforum).


Maybe make the words’ colours a bit brighter, it’s kinda hard to see the “simulator” word clearly, or is that just me? Anyways, other than that, nice job!


Thank you for your feedback, I’ll be sure to make it brighter.

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You’r logo look cool! I think about the background, you should change it, because thunderbolt like that don’t really fit with the cartoony styled text.

Also you should increase the brightness and why not add some details!

Good work, have a good day.