Feedback for my game Obby Runners

So I have a game in Beta that I have been working on for a while and I just needed some feedback on our new update.

I will be releasing the full release this summer but I just needed to know what else I should add with the full release.

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nice game, but the lobby is incredibly bland and the leader stats gui needs to be decorated as atm its basic text boxes.

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The minigame system is from a tutorial I’m guessing Not to be rude

Huh? Why are you replying to me, I don’t care if they used a tutorial as it helps new developers grow to be great ones. No need to be so negative.

Yes it’s from a tutorial from Zingo Dev Make a minigame ROBLOX - YouTube

Yeah in the full release we are working on a new lobby and thanks for the feedback I will work on the leader stats changes soon

Well I mean he did say not to be rude I don’t think he was being negative tho but yeah no idea why he replied to you.