Feedback for my game pls? (Empire)

Hello and welcome to a showcase of my game called “Empire”

Enter Empire, the ultimate realm of choice. Here, you can step into the shoes of a cunning criminal, become a cop, or join the elite military force, unlocking exclusive firearms and fortifying your defenses with enhanced armor.

Criminals can either rob NPC’s which will be around the map, capture turfs around the map via the squad system, complete daring heists or place hits onto other criminals

Unlike the standard cops-and-robbers games, Empire redefines the game. Cops do more than just chase down criminals; they take control of key territories, standing as the stronghold against criminals while obtaining additional cash

Here is how the squad system works:

Some screenshots of my game;

Here is a showcase of my GUI:

If you have any feedback or questions you want to ask, please ask us right in this post.

If you would like to apply to become a tester or moderator you may message me or respond to the post below

Our game should be releasing by next week

Also please give feedback


The gui needs work as in I do not like that it emerges from a single point, and that it could be just a tiny bit better. I don’t really know what it needs but it just needs that cherry on top.

I think this game seems cool.

Cool game.

I uploaded a video showcasing my NPC

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It’s nice, but I think the push power should be a bit lower.

hello thank you for the feedback I will consider that

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