Feedback for my game

Hello I created a new game but still in development [PRE - ALPHA]

Game logo:

Game Thumbnail:

Game content:
A brick city. Players can select maps and bombs. Players get cash for how many parts were destroyed(Datastore still developing) in the future bombs can be upgraded and the datastore comes in beta progress. [Note: Small bomb buggy]

Game Link: Brick Exploders [Pre - Alpha 0.1] - Roblox

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Hi. Seems like a good idea and could be real fun. Got a couple of pointers:

  1. Please check your spelling in the introduction UI
  2. Transitions between menus seems to take quite a while. I don’t know if yu are waiting for the level to load/unload but look at ways of speeding that up.
  3. Everything in the workspace seems to be unanchored. This will be causing lag as all the parts are being processed by the physics engine and cause lag. To resolve this, Anchor all parts and allow the Explosion.Hit event to unanchor them if required.

I will try Explosion. Hit functions thanks for the feedback, also load time get big time because I don’t want lag low performance devices I will try reduce it.

As stated before, this game is laggy and probably rendered completely unplayable on lower-end devices.

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This was my experience.
Other than that I think it’s a fun and unique concept. I could see this being pretty popular with some changes.