Feedback for my GFX

Hi, I recently did a zombie rush inspired gfx. It is a fan art for @raconidas .

what do you think?


Woah, this is incredible! The lighting is perfect, the detail on the characters…

I rate this a solid 9 / 10

Keep it up zuzu : )

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Incredibly done! The biggest thing I like about this GFX is the reflection on the floor which gives it realism.

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I like it! Something that looks very Amazing, its the plastic texture fin the head of the boy, great job! :grinning:

Idk but it lokks like plastic and i like it

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The characters seem a bit too glossy to me and the green light next to the red zombie is emitting the light with a range that is a bit odd, if you can tone that done by a teensy bit for both of those stuff then to me it’s a 10/10(The gloss can stay if your making a cartoony game)


I love the reflections on the floor and the immaculate amount of glow coming from the lights. Everything is so well textured. There’s only thing that I could change and that would be the shininess, or to say, glossiness of the zombies and characters.