Feedback for my GFX

Hi! I’m currently looking for feedback for the thumbnail below.


I like the GFX but dislike the text as I do not think it fits well. May I also say you can not ask how much a GFX should be on the devfourms anymore as it’s againt the rules.

Oops, silly me. Just fixed it.

Really nice, just the text doesn’t fit that well, maybe change the colours bit darker for the text.

Ty. The idea of the text colours was to match that of the US Marine Corps; Scarlet and Gold. Thanks though!

Pretty cool! I do agree with the others as I think that the text doesn’t really fit the dark environment you have in the GFX, but overall it looks great!

Very nice! Maybe add a bit of a pop-out effect, and try to get the text to fit in (maybe make it “3d”)?
By 3d I mean like a pop-out effect where a copy of the text is to the right and down of it.