Feedback for my horror game GUI

Hello developers! I am here today to get all of your feedback for the main menu GUI I made. All feedback helps!


Thanks for stopping by!


the font is nice, if possible you should maybe add shadows behind the text to give it that kind of horror aesthetic, you could also make the text color itself a darker white shade

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Ok that looks cool
btw the way does the character have an animation? - just curious
if not you Should add some

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Yes the stance is animated but sadly I don’t know how to do an idle animation.

The security could have a hat, maybe make the flashlight much brighter, and put the menu in there.

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I’m no programmer myself but I’m pretty sure you could have an animation in the character and use a script with Animation:Play
Or something

You would need to set the animation priority to something if you don’t want it to be interrupted by default roblox animations

Oh, I do have a script like that! I animated it so it’s posed like that and then put that script in so it can play the animation.

Btw, I’m not trying to bypass any animation or anything I’m just saying that I don’t know how to make an idle animation so I just made a pose instead.