Feedback for my lobby

first post here so not sure how to format right


For the past days (weeks but it’s just been spent horsing around) I’ve been trying to improve this lobby I made for a chess game.
I am a very new builder and have only read a few posts on the devforum about building and have done some other very minor things, so apart from that and this lobby, I don’t have much experience.

Be as honest as you want, I just ask that you please give some feedback on what to improve.

-The Lobby-

If youre curious as to what the theme is (if you haven’t already guessed) it’s just SFOTH but modernized and cozier. Ignore the stuff in the back, it’s just studio testing things that dont actually show up in-game

  • main area

  • basement (unfinished so the models like the tetris machine and the images look kind of crappy

  • other angle (sword fight obstacles and obby were made by somebody else, aswell as the map voting hanging signs, everything else that isnt a GUI was made by me)

You did it well! Great job
Is your game about sword fights?

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This lobby looks good! Nice job on it!

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No, it’s about chess, as stated in the introduction.