Feedback for my machines

Hello everyone! I ended up creating some medical machines to my game as our hospital needed some upgrades. I would like to hear feedback of my model.


more machines should be the best

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Your machines look nice! To be honest, I’d say that you don’t really need to change anything on them! I’d say they’re good to go!


Nice, but kind of simple, unless that’s what you were looking for. Maybe have more complex shapes? Also, the wheels are attached to the machine with just a part, maybe make it not clip in but have it surround the wheel?

Otherwise, great build!


That is what I am looking for, just simple, nothing much. Also thanks for the suggestion, I think your wheel idea is great and I will try it!

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it look very cool i like
very excited to work with it

pretty good 10/10 for a model like that, maybe add a screen that players can use :open_mouth: ( Not a improvement or anything but just a epic request )

Probably will do! Thanks for the suggestion.

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This is an epic model! It’s simple but perfect, I don’t think anything should be changed but that’s my personal opinion :slight_smile:

This looks like something a scientist or a doctor would use. Good work.

Good job but the wheels have z-fighting

the model looks nice is it a working model?

Hey! Currently the machine is not working but I will soon try and script it!