Feedback for my Netflix Parody UI

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This looks very good! You can add Roblox animation videos from animators in roblox to make RO-FLIX be even more interesting. Also, keep the good work up.


Happy cake day, and thanks for the feedback!


Btw, how much do I have to pay for an yearly subscription of RO-FLIX?

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200 Robux a year, but actually I am wondering if I could do monthly or yearly subscriptions for this game.


Imagine actually making RO-FLIX a thing and earning money and robux out of it.


I don’t think that will work out. That’s too hard to manage.

That’s true, probably won’t do that lol. Probably gonna do a one-time subscription.

Well, he could get a whole team of people who know how to do stuff like this and they can start RO-FLIX.

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Even if he did do it. I think it’s against the Roblox TOS.

As long as I make my own shows that don’t take intellectual property from Netflix, I should be fine.

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The scale on the text is different, it would look better if you fixed that.

Haha, I love this!
You should make GFXs of your favorite shows (but made as a Roblox parody) and then put then in for the images :hidere:

When VideoFrames become a thing, you could turn this into an actual video-sharing system, where people can upload their videos to Roblox then submit the ID. You could even charge robux for people to watch certain “Premium” content!

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You could have likes/dislikes, subscriptions, and all that!


That would probably require a team of scripters and people who make GFXs and some skilled people. That would be cool if RO-FLIX turned famous like Netflix.

As for the GUI:

It’s probably because the placeholder image is so bright, but the transition between them and the dark background seems a little harsh. It would also look a bit nicer if the text above each row of images was the same font size.

I don’t have any feedback otherwise


This is very comedic lol!! I like it though, I see it’s in studio too. What’s it gonna be for?

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This will be an amazing project when VideoFrames are added. Don’t give up on it!

Very cool but you need to put parody series. Nice work :))

Updated on my Ro-Flix parody: Opinion on my new Ro-Flix Intro?