Feedback for my new and improved Shadow PFP Design

Hello fellow developers! I make shadow profile pictures for anyone who needs them. Recently I have decided to upgrade my way for work to a more high quality, more paying, process. Let me do a little before and after difference.

Before Shadow PFP


Before procedure:

I took a screenshot of the avatar head from studio. I imported it into paint(dot)net, and made a new layer and traced with a brush around the edges of the screenshot. (That is why there is black lines around the edges) I then filled in with a paint bucket the places that needed filling in. I set the background the set color, then made 2 lines which I would then paint bucket within. Pretty simple, and super low quality.

After procedure:

I downloaded the head to .obj file. I then imported it into blender and textured the accessories and hair with the .png files that they downloaded with the .obj file. Then I applied a environment texture (HDRI), and I rendered it. I then imported the render into paint(dot)net, used a gradient, and used a rectangle and a eraser technique to make the shadow. I could also add a particle shader, but I didn’t want to overdo it. (Look closely and you will see little stars/dots. Those are part of the HDRI)

Please give your honest feedback. Constructive criticism is welcome!

[spoiler]I haven’t charged anyone with the pfps I have so far made, but with the new procedure I will charge people. I have made 5 pfps so far, for other people, all with the old technique.

Also, the sunglasses and secret service earpiece isn’t part of the first image because at that time I did not have those items.[/spoiler]


That looks pretty good. Well done

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Any other feedback? Thanks also. I also thought of making the lighting in blender face opposite where the shadow is pointing, it makes it look more realistic. Would you like that?

Currently, it is facing the front of the hair. You can see it as the white part of the hair.

I would mess around with the lighting, it looks a bit funky.

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Yeah. Should I do like I said above?

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I think having the lighting come from the top right would look a bit more realistic

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Ok thank you! I will re-render that part, then apply it back in render then post it again.

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You could try doing a GFX to make something like

(These are Mine)


There is some grain visible on the face of your render and on the right-side of the hair. This is probably due to the cycles render engine (low samples) you could try eevee if you’re not going for an ultra realistic look. It will be alot faster and there shouldn’t be any artefacts.

Yeah I have seen them! But I want to go for a profile picture shadow design so thanks anyways tho!

The grain you are talking about is probably the HDRI I applied to the render. It is a starry night HDRI, so it adds those stars to it. If it isn’t the stars you are talking about, can you elaborate?

Updated PFP:

How is it? I updated the lighting to go to the top right side to make it more realistic for the shadow.

Thanks everyone for their responses.

I think it might be worth if not already using cycle render and also denoise the scene to get a crisper render!

This is the noise that I’m talking about:

It distracts me from the smooth skin and the texture of the hair. I think it’s an artefact of the cycles renderer with low(er) samples, but it could be your hdri.

The HDRI is from, and this is the one: Kloppenheim 02 HDRI • Poly Haven

Currently I am doing a different pfp with a different HDRI and it doesn’t seem to have that effect. I will post the render here when its done.

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Here it is:

It doesnt seem to have the grain/noise on it.

Still has some, you can just slap a denoise node on it. However, it looks more like eevee?

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Nope, I am using cycles, what makes it seem like it is eevee? Also can you give me a quick rundown of denoise?