Feedback for my new and upcoming tower defense game

Hi! I’ve been working on a tower defense game (part of a much bigger game to be released by 2023) and I would like your feedback on its current state:

If you would like to play the game yourself here’s the link:

My current list for upcoming updates are:

  • Revamp UI (WIP)
    Screen Shot 2022-10-11 at 7.44.45 AM
  • Optimize my code
  • Design the map
So how good do you think this is?
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Thank you for your honest feedback :slight_smile:

The walk animation looks lazy.

Yeah, this is just a place where I can design the game mechanics and stuff right now, believe me I would hire someone if I could, and I’m not much of an animator.

Can i be hired? I animate.

Sadly I can’t pay anything as of now, so unless there’s someone who animates for free I’m going to have to do it myself :slight_smile: I appreciate the offer though.

(If you will accept the offer, DM me.)