Feedback for my new game [DEMO]

Last weekend, I started making a new game, as a project to enchance my coding skills.
Video showing the demo:

The song was edited in video to not make it boring. Currently, only audio there is is just hurt audio.

Only enemies in this DEMO version are campfires :smiley:.

How do you rate the game
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Should I continue?
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Should I make the demo version public?
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The game looks good overall, but it could use some major improvements.


i understand exactly where it’s going, but i agree with what @ScriptedDevPerson said

the models are simple and the ui could be better
giving me oldschool roblox vibes

i could definitely test this and give you some ideas if that’ll help


theres not much to it from the demo, its just walk and click, i wouldnt say this is a “demo”
ill give it a 3, its not much but i can see it working at some point

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Not to be rude, but how do you imagine it? I just need your answer to try better :smiley: .


First of all, because of moderatioén, I had to rename it from Asfadolf to Nomadia.
Second of all, if you are asking, why is the poll closed, it is, beacuse DEMO is released.
And last of all, fixed a bug, that occured, if you havent got enough bread.
Instead of this showing up:

Nothing showed up.

Thats all, have a nice day!

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I give this bread trees out of 10

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