Feedback for my new game "Magnetic"

Hello! I am DogeExploder and for a few weeks brain storming ideas etc I have came up with a called “Magnetic” It basically a parkour speedrun game with weapons and enemies etc, So far I have:
-Map 1 (Almost Done)
-All mechanics (Almost Done)
-A couple Assets

Im not that good at blender modelling lol

Here are some pictures

Please post you honest feedback!


I like the look of the game.
The neon lighting is awesome.

Looks a little bland though.
Try adding more color variation.

Looks good, just one question

Is it inspired by karlson? (made by dani on steam)


Reminds me of a game i saw on steam and honestly you did a great job, try adding more lighting variation make the colors pop out at you. ^^

This looks exactly like Karlson, was this intented?