Feedback for my new game!

Farmer's Homestead

A Tycoon/Simulator/RP/Adventure game...

After many months of developing, I’m proud to say I finished my first project! This game is my first ever game where I learned to script. I started my scripting journey in April as a fun project to pass the time. I learned the basics and started to get the hang of things. This is what I’ve scripted since:

  • I finished my datastore inventory script in June 2020
  • A build mode script throughout July and August
  • A planting script in September
  • A selling script in October
  • A buying script in late October
  • And a ton of smaller scripts (LocalScripts for UI, etc.)

How I got the Idea:

I was watching YouTube and I clicked on a video where the person’s surrounding were quiet and peaceful fields. I played Roblox games a lot to pass time in the quarantine and I wanted to make my own. I took my idea for a farming game and was slightly discouraged by several small but active farming games. I thought about it and realized that Adopt Me wasn’t the first adopt and raise game. The reason they succeeded was because they reinvented that genre with innovative ideas and updates. The one thing that I felt about other Farming games was that I never felt that calming feeling about how planting isn’t quick and bright. It’s slow yet calm and peaceful. I was also playing ACNH (Animal Crossing: New Horizons) at the time and I liked the idea of a peaceful game where the premise is getting work done but you felt peaceful while playing. I wanted to combine the components of peace, realism, and entertainment into a game I call Farmer’s Homestead

What is the main premise of the game?

I took farming to another level with beautiful tweening or animating of the plants so you can watch your plants grow over time. You get to travel around the map to buy your seeds, plant them at a soil patch at your plot, sell your grown plant, buy furniture to customize your plot, and to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere while playing with friends. I worked to make the build mode as simple as possible. You can customize your plot and roleplay or set up your soil and create a monopoly. You can drive on the sand of the beautiful beaches, drive in the sand dunes, or swim through the wavy water.

To wrap things up…

My game released today and I wanted people to review my game. If you could take some time to give an analysis on my project that’d be greatly appreciated!

In the future we plan on hopefully being apart of the Metaverse event. We also plan on opening weekly small updates and even bigger updates every month. I want to create a community and if anyone could give me advice that’d be greatly appreciated as well!

Thanks for reading this very long post! If you’d like to check out my game here is the link: Farmer’s Homestead Link


Good game, I like the aesthetic and the Stardew Valley/Animal crossing feel.
A suggestion is to make the bike the first page in the shop, not the second.
And the NPC chat is fairly broken. Clicking anything that would give text twice seems to break the chat, as well as clicking on another NPC when one is already talking. Other then that, good game!


One thing I’d suggest is the ability to skip the tutorial or make it optional. I can’t stand that sort of stuff, especially with how slow the npc dialogue moves.

Another note, it’s best to ignore pointless posts like the one above, going into arguments isn’t going to get you anywhere, especially if the “criticism” offers no actual feedback.

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I liked it in the game, had an overall good feeling being there. I didn’t understand why i had to go to a gas station for my bike but it was fine. I don’t mind tutorials and I knew what was required to do, so thanks for that. I think it could be fun and sounds like you all did alot of work. Good for you getting a game out.

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I just played your game I think its really good! Well done!

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Hello, I took some time to work on the NPC chat. If you’d like to test it out then you can… I also added a cool leaderboard for who can plant the most plants.