Feedback For My Story Game Entrance

Yesterday, I started working on a story game. I would like some feedback for the entrance.

Video link:

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BTW, do you know how to make the chat appear on top when the chat is in a Dialog?

(Also I fixed where it said 0/12, it is now 0/8.)

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I Feel like your players arent gonna see the npc and just go to the bus, so i recommand putting it infront of the player, and maybe add some lights so the npc is more noticable. also thats a alvinblox template.

I didn’t really have the intention of making the NPC super important, and no it’s not an alvinblox template and I didn’t take inspiration from it. It’s just a generic entrance since I don’t have much experience in blender.

are you actually going to use roblox build in dialog?
i mean it’s ok but you can script one way better with typewriter effects and stuff…
here’s a link if you don’t know how: Link

Now the map seems a bit… empty but at least it works , do you mind adding some detail even if it’s just a tree made of parts, it will make it feel a bit more “natural”… (btw even without blender you can make a lot of nice stuff just with parts).

Yes I will add both of those! Thank you for feedbaCk!