Feedback for my underground facility escape game

Any feedback would be fantastic, I’m not a scripter and by far not an amazing builder, but I’ve tried to make a game with a simple objective of escaping an underground facility. Anything that uses scripts, I have either taken from the toolbox or found on the devforum and modified to suit the game.

Please be honest, I want to improve the game and I don’t mind if you are harsh

Here’s the game

Here’s the trailer (It’s a bit outdated as since then I’ve updated the door models and NPC morphs)

Here are some screenshots


That looks really awesome! Maybe some more items in the hallways, The last image seems kind of bland. The models look really good! One thing that annoyed me was that the “A” in LPA and “T” weren’t aligned with the letter to the left, so it looks like a small gap, in the first image. I don’t know if you can, but I feel that the “security checkpoint” TextLabels could be more 3D.

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Just played the game, here are suggestions.
A loading screen could be nice.
The dinging sound every 6 seconds or so gets annoying fast.
The first door won’t open if I have the “Sublevel 5 researcher” tool equipped, but it will open if it isn’t.
Many room have nothing to pick up or do itside, I recommend adding something to do/ pick up in at least 20% of the rooms, especially at the start.
It is very easy to get lost inside of here. A minimap or some sort of directions would be appreciated.
I don’t know how much ammo my gun has. I got a pistol, and wasted all of the bullets before I even saw anyone.
Luckily, I could keep picking up clones of the pistol, the game doesn’t remove the pistol model for you after you pick one up, so I picked the same one up many times.
I didn’t know you could reload your guns.
The “distressing discovery” badge was awarde before I made the discovery. Placing the badge giver hitbox closer to the window, and farther from the door would be nice.
later on in the game, many enemies got stuck behind doors, so I would see a bunch of NPC’s walking into an unopened door.
The music was really good, but after a while I got a headache.
later on, there was so many rooms that look the same, I got lost and had to quit because I didn’t even know where I was anymore. The last landmark was an elevator that I went up.

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Thanks for the feedback! For the doors, I didn’t make the scripts so they will only open when you are not holding out the keycard (idk how to fix that). For the NPCs walking into the doors, they didn’t have a problem before I updated the models so I am unsure why they do, plus I’ve tried to open some areas up to prevent it.

As for a loading screen and minimap, I was already planning for those but not really sure how to implement them. Especially for the minimap, a lot of the floors are on top of each other which would overlap.

I am thinking of redesigning the top floor to have something more secretly linear like Black Mesa to prevent people getting lost, as well as wall markings to help find your way.

Also the elevator level was the final floor so you did not miss out too much.

But overall, thank you for playing and giving me feedback.