Feedback for new parkour game?

Hello developers! Me and my friends recently made a new obby game named Cruise Ship Parkour. So in this game, there will be a parkour course inside a cruise ship. Every stage you past, you then get one coin. Which could be used to buy trails in shops. I hope you could give us some feedback as it will be very meaningful for future development.

  • There are 106 stages in it, do you think it is too little?
  • In your opinion, what do you think on the price for the game passes?
  • Some opinions on the GUIs?
  • Anything is much appreciated!

Go here:

On a scale to 1-10 , what would you give?

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Any feedback is really appreciated!
Thanks . :smile:


Let me go over my opinions and the questions you have.

I’m gonna do the questions 1st, then my opinions.

No, I don’t think 106 stages are too little.

They’re all good, but the Rainbow Carpet caught my eye. I don’t think anyone will purchase a Rainbow Carpet for 700 robux.

They’re alright, for beginners it’s okay. They need some work though.

Thoughts & Opinions

Overall, it’s an okay game. It does need some work and improvement though!

1 thing that I would like to go over is how bright the game is, there is literally no color palette whatsoever, It doesn’t look good for the eyes.

Something I noticed in the game is that there was text at the top of the screen saying things like “Welcome!” and “Join the group”. The color you used for the text was a dark blue which didn’t match with the GUI’s or anything at all.

Another thing about the obby was that it was too easy, there was little to no hard jumps or anything. I wish there was like wraps or wallhops at some parts so it can be more difficult and not plain easy with 2 stud jumps.

That’s all I really have at the moment, sorry if I came off as rude. Have a good one!


I like the concept but the obstacles have too little detail but very good also the coins gui change from blue to something else like yellow. But overall very good game - good job!! ") Also there is a problem when u reset your character! just a bug.


Thank you for the feedback!

I agree that the Rainbow Carpet is far too expensive . The reason why we decided to put on that price is because with that game pass you will be able to fly, which probably may be used by trollers as a tool to troll other players.

Thank you for that, I have been trying to make GUIs inside Roblox Studio. Are there any specific ways to improve them?

If you mean the lava plate, we have decided to use that colour to let players know it is a kill brick which should not be stepped on. Should I change it to water blue instead?

Should I change it to green which fits the colour?

No, it is not rude and I really appreciated it. Again, thank you!

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I recommend using UiGradient for the Guis give them more detail!!

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About that, when you reset your character , you will be teleported back to the lobby( it may be the bug you said). In that case you can just go to the entrance and it should bring you back to the stage.

The reason of that happening could be related to our system. Since we do not kill the player when they step on a kill brick/ fall to the lava plate, instead we teleport the player back to their original stage.

Alrighty! I will have a look on that!

Once again, thank you for the feedback!

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Yes, when doing GUI’s in studio it’s good to use plugins. Here is some examples: - Text editor, well the name is self explanatory. - Interface Tools, free icons. - Edge Rounded Corners, you can round corners.

I actually didn’t mean that, I meant like there was random colors that didn’t look pleasing. Green, Dark Blue, and Orange was the most colors I saw in ur game and it didn’t really look good.

Mhm, it’ll look a lot better like that! :smile: It’ll match the theme and making it more pleasing to the eye.

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What do you mean by doing some GFX? I think we should move this to DMs.

If you are talking about my thumbnail. Yes I have to admit it that is not a really nice work, I just made some edits to some in game screenshots. Still improving my skills. :cold_face:

this is GFX

It looks decent, and I applaud the fact that it’s at least themed around something, instead of being an isolated series of parts suspended in the sky.
However, the gameplay is very repetitive, and the shop doesn’t serve much purpose.

What I meant was I do not think you could advertise your service under this post. Thank you.

Do you mean the stages?

About the shop, mainly it’s for players to buy trails after they have enough coins. Do you have any suggestions on how should I improve them?

Thank you for your feedback.