Feedback for newly released game "Swords Limit"

On July 4th I released a project that me and @Cyzkan have been working on since May.

I want to get some feedback for the game so I know what changes would be best for players.

Swords Limit is a multiplayer round-based combat game using swords. There is currently one game-mode called “Standard” (many more will come in the future).

Upon fighting with other players you will receive a certain amount XP and Coins depending on how well you do in the round. If you get a player to a quarter or less health will count as a “Critical Hit” or “Crit” for short. Each crit you get will count as 5 coins and 5 XP. Each kill you get will count as 10 coins and 10 XP.

The XP you obtain goes towards your level, your level increases every time you reach one hundred XP, the XP you need to level up does not increase (unlike most games).

The Coins you obtain can be used in the shop to unbox crates which will provide a random sword based on Tier. Coins can also be used on special Limited-time swords in the shop that will mostly be based on holiday’s (The shop currently has a sword for independence day).

There are currently 40+ swords in the game and we will continue to add more throughout updates. The game also has 8 maps, every intermission players can vote between 3 randomly chosen maps.

Try out the game if you’re interested, if you have any criticism or comments, please post it!


Hello! Here is some feedback I have for you:

  1. Try to make your own custom sword system and not use Roblox’s widely popular “default” sword system, if you know what I mean.

  2. The UI buttons don’t really match with the UI that pops up:

    The settings button looks very weird compared to the rest of the UI on my screen at the time. It stand out too much, try to redesign it to make it blend in more.

  3. Your game needs more gameplay. Maybe add things like superpowers or other ideas that you can come up with.

  4. The maps need some work. They look quite basic and they don’t have that “fighting” game feel to them. Try using 3rd party software like Blender to make trees, since the type of trees that you are using currently makes your game look old.

An example of this is your train:

It looks too basic and too blocky without enough detail. Have a look at the trains in games like Jailbreak to see how yours compares to trains like theirs. You obviously don’t need to make it as high quality as theirs, but try to aim for that overall design.

Another example:

The room could use more detail and be less blocky.

  1. This GUI just doesn’t look good, it looks handrawn:

  2. The XP bar or whatever this bar is, I can barely tell what it is. If it is an XP bar, it sure doesn’t look like one and could use some improvements for sure.

Overall, the game looks quite rushed. The maps are a bit too basic and don’t give the right feeling to the game. The GUI could definitely also use some work. The gameplay is also quite bland, and to me it just seems like a typical swordfighting game. It’s definitely a good start though.


The game is pretty good and fast-paced.

Some of the things I have noticed is that the button images looks rushed, however I will assume that these are place holders.

Another thing is that you can drop your sword, I recommend turning the tool property, CanBeDropped, to false.

Some of the maps feel cramped, such as the big red room map. You should add more room to some of these maps.

What I have liked is that there are critical hits that give you rewards, this is a unique feature that I haven’t really seen in other sword fighting games (although I haven’t played many).

I really like how there is a level system aswell. This gives the player a goal to work for.

I recommend adding stuff to do in the lobby, perhaps a sword fighting practice area?

Good luck on your game!


I couldn’t play because there were no other players.
The inner lobby could use work and I don’t think the voting system works.

Upon joining the overall game play was here and there, however, your game has some potential It just needs some refining on a few of the maps since when I join the maps where replaying - repeating over and over again that it was getting confusing a bit overall here is my feedback that you could take however you like.

The lobby is small: the grey building is good but it’s not really needed in my case and nothing remotely useful about it. You could perhaps add the walk on pads on the ground and add minigames, simple obstacles, underground areas which people can interact with each other I would recommend go complete the rest of the lobby. Try to make your lobby as fun, as possible and more interactive - attractive.

The reason for this is, you can give your players more things to do instead of waiting instill the second time goes away, by that time, they’ll probably leave or get bored. Giving your players to do would allow them to interact with other players.

Maps are just plain with a square size base and others that players can die very easily since they more spawn in the same room it would be kind of harsh for new players that tend to play adding cover options or skills like running or double flipping, try making yours more unique which is a nice idea however, it is quite bland and does not really have a theme attached to it since a lot of the maps play different roles.

TL;DR Add things like modes, shops, mini games- obstacles would also allow more fun for the players to enjoy and stay in your game longer then a minute. Overall the lobby isn’t a big problem i would just work on your maps try making them more enjoyable and not small. It’s good though at the start.


The game died pretty quick sadly…