Feedback for our game Club Affinity Thunder

Bad lighting, too much neon. Not a lot to do; reminds me of old roblox.

What if there was like better mood like my favorite game shard seekers? It has less lighting like neons.

Well first to start of, the game is terrible,

No effort
Tons of bugs
Free model galore
Lack of detail
0 Polishing
Useless Gamepasses
0 Sounds for a Club Game

If you want to make a Club game then at least try putting some effort into it, the sun ray effect is practically useless, it has no use to the player apart from distracting him due to how horrible it’s made, not to mention the amount of script errors the game has

Usually Club games are very eye catchy and flashy so that they bring attention, they also have background music playing within them, you should also work on your buildings as they literally include Z-Fighting which is just laziness in my opinion, the “motorcycle” type things parked outside the supposed “Club” are a probably the most fun thing within that project not to mention it’s not even made by you since it’s a free model.

Walking inside the building, I saw 0 detail and literally no effort put into, all it was, was just blank walls that repeated until I managed to found the main area where I got a prompt to buy a random gamepass for no reason. The VIP area is pretty useless too even for it’s price, it’s not needed and while looking around, the only sound I’ve heard is either the “motorcycle” or my footsteps, a club game NEEDS some sort of music within it.

Furthermore I don’t understand your game titles at all, you put “Thunder” in it while the only style I saw was the Rave one, when making a title for a game people would expect to see some aspect of the project towards it at the very least, which in short times it just a misleading game title for your case.

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Well… it first was called group hangout then we changed it. And my head admin Ametrikz doesn’t like it either so we might just scrap it and remake it without any free models or things that don’t fit in. If we decide to scrap it we will put in effort and and some eye candy like something cool i cant think of anything cool i could add atm.
I will talk with Dr_Arct1c about remaking everything with only like 1 free model if we can’t make the thing we wanna make.

Just trying to give you constructive criticism so that you don’t make the same mistake again, goodluck on the game

Thanks! Your feedback will help us very very much.