Feedback for Retro 80's Japan Building

This is my Retro 80’s Japan Building, this is my first time trying this kind of style. I used Roblox Studio to make this build, you can see there is a streetlamp in the build, this is the only free model I used in this build! I hope you can give some feedback on this build and see what can I improve soon! :smiley: Tysm!


Look’s ight, try changing the trees and the sky then you should be good to go!

Overall, good build!


It’s definitely very simple, the aesthetic feel of it is a cool touch. Adding Cherry blossom trees would definitely add more feel to it.


I think you went a bit too far with the bloom and vibrancy of the sky

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thank you so much! let me see what can I improve!

thank you for your feedback! let me see what can I improve in the future!

YASS! Thank you so much! let me see what can I improve in the future and what can i add!

The building is great but the neon sign board is to bright try turn down the transparency :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for the feedback!! Have a nice day!