Feedback for Rotating Cube Minigame

Hey guys! I just finished updates for a game where the objective is to stay on top of a cube while it rotates randomly for two minutes. I’m extremely open to feedback and suggestions. I’m looking to increase player engagement and retention, as those seem to be two of the things that my game lacks. Any help is appreciated.


I have just tried your game. I choose the happy homes mode. There are a few problems. Firstly I did not really know what was going on, I feel like you should make the wait time a bit longer. Secondly I fell off instantly because I was spawned inside the house. I don’t know if I’m just bad at the game, or if it’s the map, but it was very hard. Hope my advice helps!


Hey, thanks for the advice! I’ll make the wait time a few seconds longer. I’ve never heard of someone falling off the map immediately after spawning in, so I’ll have to look into that. Thanks again for the feedback!


I agreee with having a timer before it starts to rotate as that was difficult. I also wonder whether the rate at which it rotates was rather quick. City seemed utterly unsurvivable.


Thanks for the feedback! There’s a 20 second timer for intermission, and once the person spawns in, a five second timer starts. Which of these timers would you suggest making longer? Also, the City cube is definitely one of the hardest to survive, but in my opinion, it’s also the most fun cube.


The city cube was the first one I played so that explains why. I did also play pyramid and the default cube both of which I survived. On city, it felt like I did not have enough time to get my bearings before things started tilting.


Wasn’t that bad, but the GUI I think is a bit too big in general
I think the cube’s spinning could be more gradual, starting slow and then picking up speed. Would be cool if it kind of transitioned into other directions instead of just stopping and turning the other way immediately.
120 seconds might be a little too long bc I know I got bored after that long, it would be cool if it was like 60 but harder
For the rubix cube level it would be super cool (but difficult to script ik) if the cube would turn and scramble


Thanks for the feedback! I’ll work on shrinking the GUIs a bit. That “Invite Friends” GUI on the right side seems out of place now that you pointed it out. The game’s rotation script changes each cube’s direction axis and speed every few seconds, but gradually changing the acceleration would be a future update I’d look into (if I could figure it out). As for the round length, do you think 90 seconds would be too long? I’ve played around with it in the past, and for the round to be 60 seconds, I’d need to increase the max speed on the cube to make it more difficult. Also, a scrambling cube would be cool, but that’s beyond my current scripting level. Maybe in the future. Anyways, I really appreciate your taking the time to give me some advice. Thanks again.

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I think your game can be really fun, although it needs a few changes. Like @MilkyRayy said, the UI is a bit too big, and I think its bit plain. On the survivors GUI, the font of the player names is different to the title font. I also think that the gamepasses are a bit unfair to players who don’t spend robux on the game. On the positive side of things, the gameplay and map designs are very nice as well as the lobby.

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Thanks for the reply. I’ll definitely shrink the UI considering multiple people have brought it up as a criticism. The UI was made in ROBLOX studio, so if I wanted to make it more complex, I’d probably need to use some external app like Figma. I’ll put that on my future to-do list.

Congrats on making it to the survivors page haha. I never noticed they were different fonts, so thanks for pointing that out. As for the game passes, they are a bit unfair, but things like the speed coil and gravity coil are also available in the shop for coins, which players collect on the ground. It’s hard to make a profit without monetizing my game and giving an advantage to players who pay. Do you think I should lessen the prices of these game passes to make it more fair, or should I cut a few of them out completely?

I just looked at the shop in more detail, because yesterday I only looked at the first few items. I think the gamepassess are fine, although maybe you could add animated skins like Arsenal’s gun skins on the speed and jump coils. You could also then add a golden skin as a gamepass. I’m also sorry for not looking at the items in the shop and commenting on the gamepassess.

the games nice, but I noticed that I could glitch inside of a car in the city map. edit: I glitched inside of the coffee mug too, and I think that the shop icon being colored and the trolley and mute button being monochrome is a bit weird

Thanks for the reply! The cars have a bit too much space underneath, but I’m curious as to how you glitched into the coffee mug. Did you just fall through the brown and transparent part? Also, I’ll probably end up doing a complete rework of the UI, but thanks for pointing that color mismatch out. I’ll keep that in mind.

It has something to do with how the cube rotates, it might ignore physics, and then glitch me through the part, ill test more

I just tested it, when the mug starts turning upside down and you are on the top touching a wall, it glitches you inside

That’s so weird… I’ll have to look into it. Thanks again.

No problem :wink: