Feedback for RPG UI

I Need feedback for this GUI

Hello! I’m i_Rook, a GUI designer and aspiring creator.

Today I made a dark themed UI that could be used for RPG shooting game. I would love to get feedback on it!

This is NOT for any official game yet. Also, I will not be for hire till I finish my portfolio. This is one of the first designs I’m adding to my portfolio. Also this background is not permanent if I ever decide to use it for a game :smiley:

Do you like it?
  • It’s pretty good :slight_smile:
  • I’m not a fan :confused:
  • Some things could be fixed (reply how)

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I wanted to, but I am not sure how to especially since I’m new to DevForum. But right as I was typing this I figured out how :slight_smile:

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Dang. that looks really great actually!
Its clean but cartoony at the same time, I like it

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Thank you so much for the feedback!

Why can I just imagine a Knight in Medieval Times just happen to pull out a gun out of his pocket and literally just shooting the heck out of every monster that he sees, not having a care in the world

Darn though, that’s a really great UI! You’ve outdone yourself if you made this!


Woah I can see what you’re saying. It might just be the background lol. I probably should of set the background to be Arsenal or something.
Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it.

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Here’s the same UI with no background just in case you guys wanted to see it.

Your UI looks great, but there is one thing that I feel should be changed.

I’d recommend centering the text as I feel it would be more aesthetically pleasing. Your UI would look great either way though. Great work!

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To be honest the gradient on “Weapons” is not the best blue and black are not really good matching colors in my opinion but beside’s that everything is good!

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Yes, I know what you mean. I placed it there because I was going to put a description for each button to help users navigate the screen.
I will center the text next time I make a UI. Thanks for your feedback

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Now this is EPIC gui skills. I love how basic it looks with its shadow detail and how simple it is! Nice work! :+1: I am definitely taking inspiration of that.

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It looks amazing! Keep up the good work it looks awesome!

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It’s good, but I have one thing that I want to say. The text on the left hand side, “guns, skins, voices, emotes,” is not aligned. I think it would look better if it was.

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This is really nice, I like the style you used! Only suggestion I have is making the text sizes match a little bit more, it’ll just make it cleaner. <3

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