Feedback for solo build

This is my first ever solo build, done in roughly an hour.
I’ve made it rather basic since I didn’t have much time to work with. (colors, shapes, etc)
I’ve not added any interea for the time being, and mainly focused on working on an outside view.
Any feedback or anything I could add or change about it would be great.


In my opinion, this seems really rushed. There’s a lack of detail anywhere, and even some quick things can help it look better. For example, how about you move the windows in a little bit? It gives the house a sense of depth, like having a window frame. Also, you can use different colour roofs, floors, walls, etc. to spice things up. If you want it to look good from the outside, you also might want to add some stuff on the patio outside to give it some detail.


The windows at the front of the building makes it look weird, I feel like they’re too big. The windows at the side feel like they’re out of place. Then of course it looks plain, but you already addressed that. Also, it appears that there is no doors. Also to have more of a color scheme for the building.


It seems a little bit fast made, yet quite accurate. Also i really love how the windows are made.
My suggestion: Add more details.


It’s quite empty, and has room for improvement. The windows on the side aren’t centered, I’m not sure if that’s intentional or not. The front of the house looks nicer, but there are no stairs. Even if the house is designed to be simple, there’s room for detail while still keeping within the theme.


I will agree to all of the past suggestions, and would like to add, that you can add other brown tones for example, maybe make the brown a little darker somewhere, and a little bit lighter somewhere else, if you get what I mean, the idea looks interesting though.


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Like a lot have said it feels too rushed, there isn’t a lot of detail, those windows in the top seem like too out of place and I believe shouldn’t be there also add some different colors

these windows look very weird there are not centered like one is on the left and the other one is like very right

and the roof, always add like a part hanging out here is an example

In all houses, they have like the roof hanging out to add like some depth and not to look plain like yours (Don’t take that in a mean way you still build better than me)
Pasted Graphic

In conclusion, looks decent but it feels too rushed


If I have to tell my honest opinion then…

Its a mess and you should j have to restart the house or change it a lot.
On the side the windows look cool but they ook more of a modern style and doesnt fits the house.
And the house doesnt have any different color its just brown.
You should add more detail like different colored fences, wall trims , window frames etc.


I think one reason the windows look weird is that their corners are rounded, while the rest of the build has a very blocky look. Along that line of thought: the level of detail is not consistent throughout the build. There should be areas of high, medium and low detail (I think it’s called “hiearchy” in design lingo), but within the individual sections of the building rather than between them. The patio has a lot of small details, while all the other elements have almost no detail. “Blocky” and “realistic” are both perfectly valid, equally good styles, but mixing them like this can look really weird. This gives a completely different impression from different angles, and even from the front where all the detail is, it looks bad because the 1st story has no detail. Your build would improve by replacing all of the little pieces below the patio with just a single part, i.e. reducing the detail in that area. Same with the rounded corners on the windows, in my opinion.

Even if you fixed the detail issues, there’s a stylistic clash between the windows and the rest of the house. The house looks like something from Courage the Cowardly Dog. It has a western- ish desert badlands kind of vibe to it. Rounded corners on windows, and rounded corners in architecture in general, reminds me of modern architecture more than anything else 1 2. Sure some crazy architect has probably made a house in a mixture of those styles, but it’s still really weird- looking and kind of unrealistic. I think everyone has an intuition about which styles make sense just from living in a world where all buildings follow some kind of style that just sort of “makes sense”***, if nothing else because we see them around us in our daily lives and in media. Sticking to something that seems like it would exists IRL is a big advantages.

I’d recommend adding some kind of cartoony, non-transparent way of illustrating the glass. Seeing a completely empty interior is also pretty weird. Even if we’re supposed to judge it based on you only focusing on the exterior, it’s kind of hard to ignore and it detracts from the overall presentation.

Oh, and try working from reference images. It’ll instantly improve your work 10x.


It looks good what I would recommend is that according to the design of the house you change the type of material so that it does not look so much plastic.Good job

If Im being honest here it lacks. The window design is really weird. And you have 2 styles clashing. A very simple style, and one with lots of parts, making smaller details.

In my opinion, it’s very unique and well made, but I can’t imagine this anywhere. If you make the whole game with weird thins, shapes, unique and unseen stuff it could be very amazing. Maybe the windows are a bit weird - especially on the sides but whatever. Creativity is infinite. The lighting is beautiful. Just make sure its “Smooth Plastic” material.

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First of all, it’s so bland.
You can improve this by:

  • Using different colors
  • Make it more low poly
  • Make a brick on the wall
  • Make a plant around the house
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Quite plain at the moment and definitely room for improvement. You only use
3 different colours in the build. I would advise to add more stuff and really focus on the interior going forward.

Good luck with the development!


I will be honest.

  • It’s very simple, looks like it is rushed.

  • Add sides at the windows, and made the windows at the front smaller.

  • The Roof of the balcony is too blocky.

  • Add some more colors and materials.

Good luck! I hope my feedback helped you!

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