Feedback for Stylised Tree

Hi everyone, I made this stylised tree, with the help of DevForHire’s tutorial! What do you think?

As a beginner to blender, I’d say this looks awesome!


I love it! It looks amazing and visually pleasing.
If you plan on making different kinds of trees, I’d recommend also detailing the branches a bit more, since on this one it kinda looks like blobs of leaves popping out instead of having a defined shape and flow to them (don’t get me wrong, it still looks amazing but small details like these can make your models even more unique!).

See below for references:

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Thank you !!

I have now actually added branches and improved the trunk’s look.
Here it is now:

(i also plan on adding more trees in the future)

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I can see the improvement, amazing work! All the colors look fun and nicely arranged :wink:
(Feel free to share more of your progress in the future, I’d be down to seeing more of your work!)

It looks very good! I think the tree trunk should be a bit more browner though.