[FEEDBACK] Front Room Build

Alright so I went back to the F3X game again to build a front room! As you can see it went pretty good. Also shout out to MaddiePurpleMaddie for the fireplace and carpet! image image


It’s a good start. A way to clean it up a bit is by aligning each part to make sure there aren’t any gaps on the sides, there is a plugin called Resize Align that can help you with aligning if you are having any troubles.

Maybe use a more square shape for the carpet texture as well, and make sure there aren’t any white spots showing on the sides.

Adding more detail to the place like a cup on the table, a ceiling and a ceiling fan as well. Painting above the fireplace. Many things you could add to make it look amazing!

Keep up the great work!


Thank you so much! Next time I will make sure to do more detail, this is my second time doing building lol but thanks for the tip!


Anytime! Building more and more throughout the years I have learned that builds take time to perfect, but when you perfect it, It looks absolutely amazing!


Yeah definitely, Building is gonna take time and patience before you can master it. Thanks for the compliment!


It looks good, but you should add more decor, the room looks rather empty.:eyes:


That’s true,kind of need to add some details

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A Coffee spill on the table could go a long way.

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The carpet is too out of place, first of all its round when everything else is blocky, and second it has too much detail

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I agree the carpet is out of place and yeah it should have been blocky, but I don’t think it had too much detail I think it needed more detail it looks kind of empty lol.

It needs a LOT more details. To make the fire place more realistic, add some railings around the fire place. Also add a way for the smoke to get to a chimney. maybe a bookshelf. There are so many things you can add to make it look better. Also the floor looks weird green. Most floors are brownish-yellowish.

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Thanks for the advice! I definitely will try and put more details in next time.

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You can actually do this to a certain extent with F3X, hold R with the resize tool and it enters alignment mode. Holding R with the move tool lets you drag snap points onto each other.

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I’ll cover some things that people haven’t already unless I just didn’t manage to read them.

You don’t need to use a decal for your rug, you could always just use bricks and just color it how you want it. Most of the things I see that people use decal then they also will use it for many other things to match the ideal look. Rather than having a regular roblox textured room then out of no where is a realistic rug.

Fireplace could use work, you can look up examples of fireplaces online and most of them that have real fires would never have a closed in box like that which makes it unrealistic. You can also use some work with the fire since fireplaces should have 1 large fire rather than multiple ones spread across the fireplace.

Table isn’t bad but it isn’t even, one of the tables has more wooden parts protruding out compared to the other side.

You can look up any pictures you think look cool or you like for reference and try to go off of that for any missing details like bookshelves, picture frames, lights, etc.

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Hey! Thanks for the tips, I really appreciate it and I get it maybe I didn’t have to do a decal for my rug and the table is a bit uneven yeah well I’m just starting building so it was the best I could do but will definitely add more details and fix some stuff next time!

Mhm no worries, main reason why I pointed out the flaws is to bring it to your attention and learn from it since people normally don’t learn from just compliments alone.

I for sure would’ve loved to have people critic my works when I was starting out but I just didn’t use the forums for awhile.

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Yeah, but thanks for telling me on my flaws, what I did wrong I really appreciate it.

Great start to building, I would recommend some more detail and if you need any help with trying to figure out how to create detail on simple models, you can always look up some concept art :grinning:

Yeah what I mean about the carpet is that you have a lot of low res, repetitive textures, single- dual tone, procedural textures. Then you have a high detailed, hi-res, non-procedural, multi toned carpet. I just don’t think, as long as that’s the only texture of that kind, that you should have that kind of rug in there.

Good start as always, but there are some things we need to fix.


  1. The table looks offcenter image

  2. Try to make the chair blend a bit better image

Other Things:

  1. The fireplace lacks detail, it’s literally plain white brick. Second, the fire isn’t all aligned. I would also add some logs to the fireplace to make it really look nice and also add a place for the smoke to go.

  2. I like the rug, but make sure it doesn’t have the white lines on the edges. image

I can’t wait to see the updated and finished product!

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