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Could you guys please give me some feedback on these futuristic skyscraper and space station? I have spent at least 10 hours building all of it, but theres something about it I don’t quite think is right…
Anyway, here it is



It’d look a bit more neat if you made the lava ( i’m just assuming that’s lava) a bit more red.
Well if that isn’t lava just increase the saturation a bit more.


Thats the skybox 30 charsavghb

Thankyou soo much! Is there anything I could improve?

Actually nevermind it looks good the way it is lol

If I am interpreting the scale correctly, the ship looks overly massive. You should try enlarging the buildings to make it look grandiose.
Also, if you plan on keeping the sky box, you might want to try changing the bottom to match the color of the mountain features.

Aside from that, the space station looks well detailed from a far. Nice work :+1:.

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I am in love with how you accomplished your design, though I feel the proportions on everything are off. Compared to the tree’s which is on average 3 robloxians tall from what I have noticed, your ship seems to be overly large.

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Well it’s impressive and I love it

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Not trying to call you out or anything, but that’s free models…


I don’t know if you made the rest, but using others assets and claiming them as yours is against the TOS.


Well actually I agree with @anxyeity,
The trees are free models, and I looked up those buildings and they look almost similar to this.


I never said they weren’t free models
I never claimed they were mine
I was just checking if I’d got the placement and building right and editing sorry if you got the wrong message :frowning:

Ah, in that case you should’ve mentioned it in the post. But still, utilizing free models in general for a post shouldn’t be done. Especially a “feedback” post.

Overall, It’s fine. People learn from their mistakes.

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Ok will learn for next time sorry. I will ask for feedback for an interior of one of my ships I made (on my profile:tantiveiv) and I will make sure not to use any free models. I was just feeling a bit lazy today lol

There’s nothing wrong with using free models, especially if you don’t claim you created them. Everyone starts somewhere. Your build looks nice and the placement of the models is good. I’d say you could do with more detail to fill the awkward space, but I don’t know the nature of the game/build you’re trying to make.
It’s a good start


Maybe make the lava more red, and add a cool texture at the baseplate.

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