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Hello! I am making a simulator game and I have made some renders. This is only my second time making GFX and I would love to get some feedback. How did I do? How can I improve? And would you put this on the game page?


GFX Samples

If you need to contact me I am available to PM here on the developer forum or via Twitter.

Thank you for reading! :slightly_smiling_face:

You need to include better lighting into the project, It’s lacking a lot of detail.

The characters are hardly rigged, I suggest you move parts to ways that fit your design.

There is no background, you can add something like an explosion and action to make it more “Alive”.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for the help! This is the best lighting I could get bc Im new to blender. And I do plan to add a background.

If you are looking for better lighting, you can use HDRs, which create real world light. There also is this function in Blender called Volumetric Light.

Too turn this on, all you have to do is under the world setting in Volume, set that to Volume Scatter and set the density to something like 0.1, and mess with the properties.

Ok I will try that. Thank you!

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Defenitely very good. I don’t understand the bacon hair lifting newspapers, but I guess that’s the fun of that.

Very nice, detailed, overall,
Great. Job.

The name of the game explains it. I am making a simulator called “Paper Lifting Simulator.” Thanks for the feedback.

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I recommend using HDRI lighting. It’s basically where you can use a 4k picture, as your lighting source. There’s outside, inside etc.

Here’s the link: HDRIs • Poly Haven
And a very good descriptive tutorial on it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yu58-_KJ_qM&t=287s

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Thanks so much! I will give it a try.