[FEEDBACK] Game Icon #2

Hello guys! I’m back here, this time with a more colorful background and showing off the particular addition of the update!! I think it looks way better than the last one!! Now I don’t know what would fit more… New Pets or Update 6… You guys decide!! Please give your opinions on this icon. And another final question, do you guys think i should start selling my GFXs? They surely aren’t the best, but i don’t know!! Thank you so much for your time!!


Looks good! The only thing I recommend is adding a white outline to the pet so the green from the wings don’t merge with the green background.

New Pet gives more information, meanwhile the Update 6 is more concise and straight-forward - it really depends what you want, but personally I prefer New Pets.

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Update 6 would fit more, altough if you want to indicate that the game added pets you should add an image like this; image but make it say pets, and make it go with the color scheme.

You should brighten the render up a bit, because i’m guessing this is for a simulator, and simulators use bright lighting. Also, I don’t think the red goes with the green that well, maybe change it to blue? i’m colorblind so don’t take advice from me Also the green of the dragons fins kinda blend in with the background.

Overall, its a pretty nice gfx, just needs improvement on the lighting.

Edit; Also, don’t put new pet in the red label thing, the pet already indicates that theres pets, so you should just put update 6, unless you add something like the image above.


Very nice clean render! Only thing I would say is to either add a glow around the pet or change the background color to contrast the two layers. You could also consider adding effects like green lightning or shines, etc. Something like this along with a glow might look cool!

I would say Update 6 fits better because the new pet is included in the update. I suggest that you make the update sign bolder so it stands out more. Also I think you should definitely start selling! Great job!


That’s a very good idea!! I was trying to find ways to differ it from the background but didn’t think about that at all!! I’ll surely consider that on my next GFXs, Thank you so much!!

Yes!! That looks like a good idea!! And i completely agree with the wings part. lucided said to maybe add an outline to the pet, which makes a lot of sense!! And i think it would look good! Thank you so much for your ideas!! I’ll surely look deep into lighting.


I absolutely LOVE this sparkle image you sent me!! I’ll surely make good use of it!! And yes!! Green lighting sounds like a great idea with some glow!! The only thing i should make before selling is practicing thumbnails, with already made scenarios since I’m not much of a builder lmao. Thank you so much for your feeback!!


Heyyy! Look at you! This is great, and I can tell you really took advice from your last post. You’ve already improved a tonne already, and that’s great! The only thing I’d want to note about this, is one tiny thing that’s already been mentioned. Seeing as the wings & the background are the same colour, I’d recommend outlining the character to avoid them clashing/merging. But, apart from that this is great in my opinion and an massive improvement. Awesome work! :clap:t2:

Your advice was really useful for the designing of this icon!! And yes! I will absolutely make an outline to differ the wings from the background, as i said previously, i was trying to find some ways to do that but i couldn’t seem to be able to do it!! Thank you so much for your feedback! Today I’ll be posting a thumbnail for practicing purposes aswell, it’d be very nice to hear your feedback from it :slightly_smiling_face:

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You don’t have to add anymore detail if you don’t want to but here are some finishing touches I would make.
For one I would add a glow to the outside of the pet to make it pop out more. You can also add a darker color to the Update 6 so there is a little fade action going on.
Also I would recommend going into paint . net or photo shop and add some nice lighting touches to the pet like make some naturally really dark areas where there is no light and add some spots where the light really shines.
For my final suggestion is to add a slight fade the the green sunburst background from something like green to darker green.
Again you don’t have to follow these steps, its just personally my opinion since you can honestly rock that on any game right now and people wont be bothered by it.

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I really liked the suggestion of adding some lighting to it!! I haven’t considered that before at all! I’ll surely consider it on my next works!! Thank you so much :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re welcome for the feedback! Can’t wait to see what you come up with! :smiley:

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The shadows on the render kinda throw off the image cause the background doesn’t have shadows to match with it, if possible I’d remove the shadows off the pet render thing. Other than that nice work! :slightly_smiling_face:

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The reason the pet has shadows is because i had to import the pet face as a image plane! so light couldn’t get past through that! I’ll try to improve on my next GFXs, thank you!!

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Looks good, as my personal experience as a retired artist I would recommend that you created an outline of any color at the wings of the pet. Creating this outline will separate the green from the wings and the green of the background and will make the icon look tidier and nicer.

People have recommended that for me before! And i’ll surely use that idea! Thanks!

I think the GFX looks really good! One thing I might say is that new pet would be easier for players to kinda “get” than update 6, cause that could confuse them a bit.

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I would recommend adding sparkles, or a shine to the pet.

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That’s a great idea!! I just can’t figure out a good way to do that…