[FEEDBACK] Game Idea


Hi there I’m a new developer currently making a game. I would say I’m almost halfway done. I’m looking for suggestions that would make my game more engaging.

What’s the game?

It’s a collecting game, players will walk around and collect resources (Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir). Elixir will be used to buy upgrades, the only upgrade I currently have in the game is a Gold multiplier. Gold is used to buy weapons (knifes, daggers, and spears). Using the weapons you can fight other players. If you defeat a player you get a certain amount of Dark Elixir (amount has not be decided yet). Dark Elixir will be used to buy chests, (like an egg hatching system) which players open and get a card. There are four rarities, common, rare, epic, and legendary. Players can equip the cards, (only legendaries) which will spawn an animated pet (the pet is purely for cosmetics as of now, if you have any suggestions let me know).

Why am I making this game?

You’re probably thinking, “Why would you make a collecting simulator?” Well, as stated in the beginning, I am a new developer and someone suggested I start off by making a simple collecting game.

What have I finished so far (just in case you’re curious)

  • resources that randomly spawn and are collectable
  • leaderstats
  • weapons shop (the weapons are finished also)
  • upgrade system
  • chest opening system
  • most of the builds

Future update ideas

  • more cards and pets
  • players can morph into their pets
  • different weapons


Thanks for making it this far and please tell me your ideas and suggestions!

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I, have never made a simulator. But based on your progress and what you plan on doing, it looks pretty good. You have to aim for something that is time-consuming, while still being fun. So basically you have to find what people are really into nowadays. Honestly, a big part of this is building. Simulator maps should be spot-on, usually low-poly terrain and etc. I do suggest adding something to make it more unique(original ideas) than the casual simulator as you don’t want it to be exactly the same. Anyways, I believe this game has lots of potential and I wish you good luck!

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