FEEDBACK - Game im making: Singularity

I made a youtube video basically describing what it is if you’d like to watch it:

Place Link:
Let me know what you guys think!
thank you for your time!


Maybe make the trail vertical instead of horizonal. When you’re running, it looks like it has a cape coming out of the back of it’s neck.


Seems a cool game, but I’d make it very frenetical. Something like SpeedRun, but more original. Anyway I wish you get far with your game!

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Hey there,

In your video, it seems that the trail can go on your screen and cover the person playing it for a second or two. It could mess them up, so I would try making it see through rather than just being a solid part. The concept of the game is really good also, I haven’t really seen many speed run games on the front page as of recently, but this is a good edition to this. :+1:

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Hello, I can see that you making a game but not an ordinary game but I was thinking is the game gonna be like speed run and also gravity? if you do that kinda lit. can also the idea in the game also attracted other people to come and play the game. not only is it for fun but also it combine with fun and also exercise for your brain as well. that looks cool I look forward to seeing more about the game itself. that all for now and I will see you in the next reply…

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Lol this was me playing around with the path generation system xD


Game looks really well developed!


Heres mor:


Ok! Well this honestly looks amazing, I like the combination of speed run AND your own creative style this is amazing game I have seen NOT even a copy of speed run which is amazing but its also your STYLE I love this and I hope you make more of this in the future.

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Thank you for the kind words!!!

Very nice, cool concept.
I should let you know the game broke the first time I joined it as no paths were being generated aside the initial + a solid invisible block covered the starting area.

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Pretty cool concept, keep up the great work. :+1: Good luck!

Oh ok, thanks for letting me know! Ill look into it!

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I just tried it, and hit the side of a part and went flying downwards off the map. I think the game would be much more enjoyable aswell if you gapfilled in between each part. Also, some obstacles + more variety in gameplay would be nice

This game kinda does remind me of the flash game Run 2. Anyways, having multiplier should be an important goal to achieve. Kids love to socialize and having a multiplier mode that can induce some competition is good.

Yea! So how I’m planning it is that there’s a infinite running mode (the one that’s currently shown) as well as a obby/level system that is multiplayer. Right now I’m currently working on a lobby type structure in order to link everything together

Yea, I’be been thinking of ways to fix this issue and I think I’ll end up doing what you suggested which is the gapfill approach

Dev blog #2 is out!