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Hi, I’m currently working on a Fantasy based RPG game.

I’m starting work on the Main Menu // Focus screen for when the Player initally joins a game.

I’ve attached two versions; one is evidently the first version - Second being the newest version.




I love it, only thing that I would change is make all of those statues the same matching color! Overall, amazing progress.


Personally, I think the colours should stay different, but I’d add more of them to show more of a gradient in the colouring of them, awesome job other than that though! Maybe adding some light in and then using sun rays could look very cool! :grin:

Edit: Just read what you just said, iiKossmoZ, and if it’s 3 statues representing 3 people, I’d stick to 3.

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The overall concept of the Statues is to represent the three ‘Divine’ that will be heavily featured in the game. Cliché but:
Order; Balance; Chaos.

Though, It may be better if I were to make physical representations as opposed to ReColouring the same assets.

I agree with @greybirks. I think this looks great, but I think the same color of statues would be nice. If you wanted to convey the message that they are different “Divines”, maybe keep them the same color and give them a necklace or symbol with a different color representing what they are. Besides the coloring I think you have made a great area!


The background looks overall good if you’re going for a knight ancient background game you should include more lighting casting on the statues, perhaps particle effects flying in the air, the second image is good because it has that lighting effect. I recommend working out a colour scheme for your statues.

The only improvement I would suggest is making the statues kind of have a more brownish color you could even add sun rays casting through the window casting on the statues, and working out a better color pallet for it.

Otherwise, its rally up to you if you want to include those small features at the start its decent but it could be better.

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