[FEEDBACK] Game Thumbnail #2

Hello guys! Once again, it’s me, Ramen!! Today i bring you another thumbnail of mine, i believe i have improved in lighting!! This time the game would be about two teams and PVP. How’s the posing? The lighting? Note that it doesn’t have a logo because i’m practicing. This is probably gonna be my last practice GFX before i start selling, what do you guys think about that? I’ll attach two polls, one about selling and one about GFX quality. Please tell me your thoughts in the comments aswell!!

  • I love it!
  • I like it
  • Meh
  • I don’t like it
  • I hate it

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  • You should start selling your stuff!
  • Don’t start selling yet

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I think the poses are all really good, but I feel like some effects could be added to make it a bit more polished. At first, I thought it was weird how the one guy was just randomly floating, it wasn’t until I really looked for details that I noticed that he was getting show. I would add possibly a larger fire effect on the gun and maybe some motion blur or something around the player getting shot so it would be easy to see.

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That’s a good idea! I’m glad i still have the project opened, i’ll probably make another post showing the final version of this.

Hello, its me again…

I hope you are doing well.

Just a couple of tips;

  • Again the amount of negative space you have here is crazy, try adding some more things to the background on the wall, or other characters.
  • The hat seems a little bit to high for it to be falling off of that gray characters head. There is also a red outer glow on the hat.
  • For the guy firing the gun, the muzzle flash seems a little bit to small, maybe try increasing it a little bit.
  • In the top left i’m assuming that is a sleeping bag, I don’t think it really fits this scene whatsoever
  • On the gray character again, you can see the muzzle flash, that seems a little bit out of place, and I’m guessing you were going for when the bullet hits him… try making that a little bigger so it can appeal and catch your eye when you look at it.
  • The hats shadow on the gray character is pretty much out of the scene, I would maybe slide that over just a little bit.

For the positives;

  • Overall this looks amazing, kudos to you for going at this over and over.
  • The shadows are much more improved, and I really like their placement around the gray character
  • The expression on the gray characters face is amazing!

Good job making this, again this is amazing.
I’m excited to see what else you make.



Hey! Glad to see you back here! Your feedback is always amazing to me!!

  • I do agree with the amount of negative space, i really have to work that out;
  • The hat actually doesnt have an outer glow! It’s because i accidentally used the wrong filter on it!
  • I do aswell agree with the muzzle flash thing, it should be a bit bigger!
  • Actually, that’s not a sleeping bad, it was just some wood :sweat_smile:
  • And yes, i gotta work on shadow positioning aswell.
    Thank you so much!! I hope to see you on my next posts :smile:

Other people here are complementing your poses, which I really do agree with that and I think you did an awesome job with your character poses. My issues with this render is:

  • The fire coming from your gun doesn’t give off any light, and I don’t think there should be fire where a bullet hits another person.
  • The lighting can be improved here. You should experiment with emission planes, lamps and HDRIs.
  • The floor and the walls should also have more details
  • You should make the Valkyrie Helmet closer to the player’s head if you want to make it look like the person is falling and it was on his head.

For your camera angle, It looks pretty good, and it shows how large the area around the players is. Lastly, the shadows in the background was a nice touch. Can you please add more? I would love to see more of that.

Overall, your render has a solid foundation, but it needs more details. I hope this helps! :smile:

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That is really going to help me!! Thank you so much!! And i do agree with you in most points of that! Just the first one, it actually isn’t meant to be fire, it’s like a gun shot thing lmao. I just couldn’t find any better overlays!

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I honestly didn’t really know what else to call it.

So, first off, this render is really messy. It has so many things going on that its hard to even tell what it is about. Try making it more clear that there is a fight going on by decreasing the amount of blank space.
For the gun, try adding a trail with the bullet, so people see that he shot the grey guy.

Also, try rendering in Cycles if you can. It takes awhile to render but looks really nice once its finished.