[FEEDBACK] gfx creation feedback

Hello GFX Artists! I’m not as happy with this one as it could be better- but I still await your feedback!

Ticket29 copy


It looks as if it was taken in 1863.
Redo it, but remember to keep everything clean and clear


The lighting seems a bit odd. The shadow hides his face and the entire side of the body where the picture is. In addition, the way he’s holding the gun is awkward. I also recommend you put some military gear on him- a helmet, vest, and uniform could do the trick.

Finally, the text seems really unappealing for two reasons:

  1. You can’t see it that easily. I had to look twice to see the text because it matched so closely to its surrounding environment
  2. You chose the wrong text for this (in my opinion). As @Megalodox_Official said, it simply just seems old.
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Thank you for your feedback, I will take this into account and try to re render!

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The way the lighting go it blurs a lot like right down the middle taking both the gun the face and the text. Other than that it’s a simple yet decent work.

Few things I notice:

  • The optic on the gun is completely unrealistic. Optics that long were only used on antique guns before the 20th century. To make matters worse, this looks like a modern optic that’s just been stretched, rather than one of these an antique.

  • The soldier’s holding the gun very strangely, in a way I have never seen before. He’s holding it up with one hand and just resting the rest of the gun on his shoulder. His right hand is nowhere near the trigger, and isn’t even holding on to the gun.

  • The soldier’s outfit is incredibly faint, and the only detail you can really see is the collar. Aside from that, it looks like one solid colour.

  • It seems the flag in the background is reversed. I’m not sure if it was intentional or not, but it throws me off a bit.

It would probably benifit you to look at some reference material. Aside from that, the lighting looks pretty good and the text looks fine.

  • The lighting is improvable, I am wondering if you used ambient occlusion. The lighting is too one-sided (if that makes sense)

  • The gun position isn’t conventional and I genuinely thought it was a branch at first so try building the gun using a template or YouTube video.

  • Additionally, I suspect that the texts you have added are too dim and the font doesn’t address nor match the theme of the art