[Feedback] Giant laser sound

Hi so i making a laser type sound for a project of mine and there needs to someone firing a giant laser in it so i made this sound. Based of the reapers from Mass Effect.

Kinda lound. Might wanna turn your volume down.

Feedback would be epic


It worked fine for me, I think it’s a very well made sound and there’s nothing I would change about it as far as I can tell

Which browser are you using that may be the problem

Hmm try this https://soundcloud.com/racs_o/laser-gun

Okay it work now, well the sound is great and also pretty cool. i not gonna lie that your sound is really good and can you little bit low the value of the sound. that for now so i hope youhave a fantastic day and i will see you in the next reply

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It dosen’t sound like a lazer, It sounds like SCP music.

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The bass on past 0:04 ruins the design of what it means to sound like a laser.

Well its not like you know a handheld one. Its kinda like this image¨

big boi

Hmm yeah i kinda wanted to add more tension but it kinda takes to long.

Oh, that makes more sense now, xd.

Sounds great, what is the project?

Just some cyberpunk/scifi stuff. Not that good at building so it might take a while. I can build some stuff but it just takes a long while.
Not capable to script the features i want in the game either. Plus i dont have enough money to hire devs. So it’s just kind of a background thing

Plus i kinda lose motivation a lot of the time when I’m trying to make the game

I really like this. It might be a little bit different from what someone might expect from a laser sound, but I think it will work wonderfully for the use you’ve intended. I particularly enjoy the way it reverberates at the end; for some reason slightly drawing out the sound like that helps me put the intensity of the laser into perspective. Just my two cents, sounds great to me. Keep up the good work!

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Sounds good but maybe a picture of the laser would be great

It kinda looks like thisimage

Sounds cool, keep up the good work!

I like the charge up and when it lets go it just goes crazy and destroys everything in it’s path.

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