[FEEDBACK] graphic i made to test overlays

yesterday i made this because i was having fun rendering and iwanted to mess around with overlays

i still have it saved as a .psd so i can go back and make changes if anyone here suggests something that i think would be cool

i was thinking on maybe adding some effect on his right arm thats under the overlay to make it look like he’s being overcome by the overlay thing ??

idk any feedback is good


Hello prostranskii
Very nice work, maybe I would add a face to the character.


thanks for the positive feedback! the character originally had a face but it just looked really out of place. i tried multiple faces and i just decided to delete it in the end lol

i think its really cool, maybe try to add some blurr to the overlays so it blends better.


Looks cool; I’d recommend making the render and the background blend in more.

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I would add a bandana or sunglasses if you think adding a face takes away from the design. This is really great work!


hmm, i probably could have added workclock shades or something like that but the lighting was really weird with that, i had to mess with it for a while to not be as bright as the sun lol