[Feedback] Graphics Suggestions

Hello everyone!
As of lately, I have been making roblox GFX’s and I would like some suggestions and feedback on them. I purposefully didn’t add PBR textures to these items as to avoid any confusion for those might send me suggestions.

This took me 5 hours to make as I’ve been getting insomania for a couple of days. Hence, I had a inspiration to make a night car scence and it looked pretty slick to me, but as always, I could improve on a few things, so here I am,

Please suggest and post your comments and criticism, I don’t take any offense from anyone :slight_smile:


This GFX look good but the light is brightness , reduction brightness is will look good :slightly_smiling_face: keep it up .

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What software do you use?

I’d do a couple of small things to improve it. I would add some more lighting to the ground beyond the car’s lights, as it appears to be pitch black otherwise. I would also add some colour variation to the building windows, and maybe have a less-busy background with the bokeh effects and deep blue.

I reckon these changes will give it a lot more vibrance and improve it significantly. It is a good foundation with which to work!

This looks alright, I think the lighting could be improved as well.

Take a look at this: Feedback on GFX for IcyTea & i5k

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Thank you alot :slight_smile: (trying to make this 30 chracthers)

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Hello! I use Cinema 4d and Blender while I’m not that proficent with blender. Can you elaborate on what you mean by “less-bussy” background and “brokeh effects and deep blue.” Thanks a lot for your reply :slight_smile:


By the bokeh effect, I mean the circles in the blue background. I call it ‘busy’ because there are many circles there, which I feel makes it a bit too complicated for a background. It takes some attention away from the rest of the scene, if that makes sense.

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Thanks I’ll fix this. :slight_smile:

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