(Feedback) House front

Hello, I’ve been messing about in studio and decided to recreate a house that I saw in a documentary. Not really any reason for it just have nothing else to do.

Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 11.56.32
(The house in question)

Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 11.57.46
(My attempt)

I have never really tried to build something straight from an image before, only taken inspiration.

Would love to hear some feedback on how I can improve this.

Stay safe.

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I like the look of it, it is similar to what you we’re trying to recreate. To improve, I think you could use some textures on the objects.

Thanks, I’ll try finding some suitable textures. :smile:

Definitely a good start. I agree with @lexishh on using Roblox library textures, I recommend the “Professional texture pack”. But overall good start!

Hey, I tried looking it up but kept finding the same model just by different people. If you could tell me the original creator that would be brilliant.
Thanks again.

Scaling horizontally is good, but it’s too short vertically. The space between the lower and upper windows is too small, if you’re going to make this enterable you’ll be running into some problems with the positioning of the second floor vertically as this would have to cover the top part of the first window in order to match the right height for the upper windows in terms of floor to window length. This should be consistent with your ground level, that in this setup would not be possible.

From what i can tell i would guess the part between the lower and upper windows is 2 studs high, this should be 5.

The part on top of the upper windows should only be 1 stud or even 1/2 stud high, as the roof would just about touch the top part of your windows in terms of height.

Apply this and your scaling would be on point, good luck.