[FEEDBACK] How much should I sell this lobby for?

image image

I’m aiming to sell this lobby for around :robux_light: 500 - 1,000, but what’s your feedback?

The text on the lobby can also be customizable for free!

If you want to discuss this further more, please send me a DM on Discord: marky#0001


1000 robuxs seems fair for this lobby, colors are well lit and it looks well done.


Honestly I would price it for 500-1000 robux.

You should try and lit up the place a big more, it looks way too dark when it is night, that would probably improve the overall price.


That is a actually pretty decent price, I actually made the lobby a lot bigger, I’ll send you the image on your Messages when I find the image.

Thank you! :smiley:

500 - 1000 Robux is a fair price. The colors and detail are spot on! Good luck selling.


I’d say 1000 robux for this lobby. It is small, but it has a lot of detail!


Hey ! :smiley:
I Think 670 Robux is a Good Price,
need some more “High Levels”
and resize the Trees, thats mean all Trees
have a Difference size.


I did resized the trees and rotated it, but I resized the trees in 1 studs, so you can barely notice it. Thank you for the feedback tho! :smiley:

I think 1,500 Robux would be a good prize for that lobby! :slight_smile:

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This is a reasonable price, the highest I would go is around 1500. But your prices are reasonable enough given the design and size of the lobby.

I believe that 1,000 :robux: is a good and fair amount to sell this rather small lobby, I’d target this towards a mini games lobby. Anyways I also suggest that you would light the place up at night a little more, perhaps a spotlight covering the middle area and leaving the outer area misty and dark to deter people from going towards the empty edge. Just a suggestion. Anyways goodluck selling it.

800 robux should be a fair price for this lobby build, it’s very small but detailed. It would be worth a lot more if you made it bigger, but hey. That’s your decision.

Due to how small it is maybe roughly 500-750.

Pretty good could have a bit more things tho