[Feedback] I Just Made a Monitor How Does it Look?

Don’t Ask me About The Texture i’m Working on it.

Btw This Is How my IRL monitor Look’s Like.

If You Add 3 Of Them That’s My IRL Setup.


The fronts of monitors don’t have much detail to them so it would be interesting to see what the backs look like.

Mhm Back’s Are Pretty Umm Bad Lol.

Iam Pretty New to Blender So…

i Didn’t Put alot of Effort in the back.image

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Pretty good for some first work!
I’m a newbie at Blender too, but these look nice.

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Oh Nice ;D ive been using it for just 2 months.

They look clean! I think they will look better when you add the texture (like you mentioned).Maybe you can tilt the screen of the monitor for more angle. After adding texture to what you have now, you can add some wires, a webcam, or speakers (a few suggestions but you don’t have to use them. Good job !

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No This is Just a Single Monitor i Don’t Want to Add More Stuff.

But Thank You.

I would say, to extend the neck of the monitor not too much maybe push the screen back farther and your moniter would look pretty nice. I don’t have much to say because it’s mostly a model of a monitor and there is no texture so overall, good job so far! :sweat_smile:

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Again i’m a Beginner…

There’s nothing wrong with that. :+1:

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:smiley: Thank’s…

Well, the monitors may still have no color and empty, but the way you attempted to shape them to a monitor looks very good!
Post this back when you have the colors for the monitors.

Thank You I will Post it back when there done.

It Make Take Alot of Time Tho.

Well done, you monitors are looking perfect in my opinion. Send it for feedback again when fully designed and completed.

Oh Thank You @HASNPLAYZ :grin: