Feedback I Ui art

Hey, I just got started making ui tonight just because it was something fun I wanted to try out and here it is


not that hard as it took me less than an hour just messing around :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the snow on the to is messy

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The padding is quite horrible, make sure the shop button is aligned in the middle along the the white boxes and make sure the scroll bar is on the right.

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hey! looks amazing, i like the shadows and the colors… but i have some recomendations:

  • make the snom more uniform, aka less random

  • put the slider more to the right side, there a blank space there

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Great start! Can you also import it into Roblox Studio too?

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You definitely have a really good start to UI Design, I have a couple of critiques you may consider applying to this UI in the future.

  • The snow on top of the UI can have more shading I feel around it to really enhance its depth.

  • If I am correct the actual block is an iceberg and it would be really cool instead of having it kinda like a straight square to instead do some raged edges around so it’s not all uniform.

  • The buttons its self can use a bit more depth in my opinion and you might want to consider instead of a plain button to integrate it with the theme.

Again these are just some of my opinions, you have a great start to UI design!

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Yeah I’m pretty sure I can

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