Feedback & Ideas For My Game

So I have been working on a motion captured animation game for a while and I need some ideas and feedback for it. I am working on the dance gui, and I am currently not done with it. But if you do have suggestions, please let me know. I’ve been working on this for almost 4 months now.

(Sorry for the bad grammar, I was never really taught grammar at school.)

I would put some more detail in to where you spawn. It seems very empty and gamepass land looks a bit strange floating.

I was really confused when I first joined. I am not really sure what the brown square above the land is for? For where you spawn you should invest in some more landscaping to make it feel more inviting.


I would try to put this isnt some type of building that you walk up to and brings you to gamepass land. The current way it is displayed doesnt make the map look good.


I completely get what you mean with the walls, that’s just the border of the map, I have planned on doing more terrain stuff, but It’s hard for me to work with as I am more used to parts than the smooth terrain, I may just remove the Gamepass land as you now mention about it.

Edit I’ll plan on making better spawn area.

I mean you will need a way to monetize the game I just feel it would be a lot easier to sell exclusive animations in the dance gui then build a gamepass land. Not only would it give you a lot of future monetization option it would look smoother.

I’m not advanced with gui’s and I have been thinking about doing that, I just need to learn more about gui’s for me to be able to do that.