Feedback in my low poly city

Hi developers i been working on this project for 2 day and i want some feedback on it

any feeback is welcome

game link Untitled Game - Roblox?


10/10 Your city is so much cool

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looks cool i would suggest to make the colours a tad less vibrant because it is hard on the eyes especialy in dark rooms also add some trims to the buildings because they look like boxes with windows

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Ok thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: :wink:

Looks good but the head is transparent :confused:


This is so cool. Keep going with great work m8!

Change the sizes and colors of the trees. I would delete some but not too much, too. Try not to use the same build over and over. On the second to last build the houses on the top left look the same and looks a bit weird. The fourth to last picture, the trees look the same and all are almost perfectly straight. Try adding yellow lines in the middle of the street. Mushrooms aren’t aligned with the head, or if it isn’t there’s a hole in it. the window texture looks weird and the shape of some houses are odd.

If this really was made in 2 days, good job!

By the way, the statue doesn’t fit in with the build itself.