[FEEDBACK] Inventory GUI

Here is the GUI my friend (@opitchenik ) and I made.

Any suggestions or feedback would be great! Thanks!


Brilliant!! Very good my friend :clap:

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This GUI is very solid and consistent in its design.
The outlines of the birders are the same type and length.
Text matches the basic design.
It can be opened and closed for ease of playing.
The open icon is well drawn.
In contrast I would say that the side colours of black and beige
can be slightly uninteresting.
Finally, the white square backgrounds make the mouse click quite unappealing.
8/10 Very well designed.

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I think it looks fine. However the backpack icon to toggle the GUI doesn’t seem to fit with the GUI itself. I would recommend using the roundify plugin on the inventory GUI so it fits a little more with the backpack icon

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Thanks for the feedback! This will help us improve the game a lot!

I’ll get the roundify plugin. Thanks!

Well I hope your game does well!

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