[FEEDBACK] I've just created my First UI because I was bored. Can I have some feedback?

(I know I’m not using the correct format but I don’t know where else I would post this.)
I was bored and I had nothing to do so I wanted to create a UI (keep in mind I’ve never made a UI before) I just wanted to know if this was a good UI and if/how could I improve the UI?

I would appreiceate feedback.


It looks awesome for your first UI! In terms of UX, I would make a button for the Buy text since some people won’t automatically know its an action text.

Sorry for the bad drawing but

These sides don’t have equal padding, so I would also change that. Because of that, these image
aren’t equal as well. Other than that, nice job!


Looks good for your first user interface. I like the colors you picked. They go together great. Though there are some things that you can do to make your user interface look better. For the top bar of your user interface, maybe you could change it to something like this:

I designed a user interface similar to yours, but changed things up.

Maybe make the user interface similar to the user interface I designed. Your user interface would look cleaner and overall better. Overall, a good start for making UIs for your first time. :+1:


Wow, that looks cool. Thank you for the feedback.

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UIGridLayout may also help you align everything properly without needing to manually adjust positions.

I recommend looking at more of the UI components (sadly, there isn’t a direct link about all of them) as they can help a lot with tricky/tedious things.

It looks good so far, some things to work on are making everything a little more center since as of right now the center buttons look a bit uneven from the edges and from each other. Another thing is for the topbar try putting the Zindex to a higher value than the grey box to give it a more aesthetically pleasing look. Hope this feedback helps!