[Feedback] Jungle Themed UI

I was bored and decided to make something in my free time. So I decided to create a UI design and because this was my first time, I feel like I would need feedback on it so I can improve my future UI designs.

My design is meant to be Low-Poly Jungle look:
Kinda Speech Label


How do I say this

I am wondering if my UI is good enough to sell or it could be improved.
If i did anything wrong like i put this in the wrong place please tell me.


It looks nice, only thing I don’t like is that the text isn’t centered in the UI on the last image.

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Looks Awesome And I’m Assuming The Purple Line Is For People To Not Copy You


Well I didn’t quite finish the text

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Its more like blue but yes i guess so.

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I kinda like it,
perhaps it looks too cartonny, too monotone with the lighting,
but really cool anyways :slight_smile:

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Ah yes, i forgot to include i was trying to make it low poly


Looks pretty good! Perhaps you could experiment with some shading to give it some more depth.